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AiR Green

– for artists whose work relates to textile media.

AiR Green provides a residency program solely for artists whose work relates to textile media.

The residency is located at Søndre Green farm in Noresund, at the foot of the Norefjell mountain range in Krødsherad Municipality, Buskerud County, Norway. With this residency, AiR Green aims to create an arena for concentration and in-depth research, to contribute to the development and presentation of textile art, and to promote contact between artists who use different approaches to textile media. 

The program is run by the organisation Norwegian Textile Artists in collaboration with Søndre Green farm since it's start in 2016

Norwegian Textile Artists (NTK) announces an open call for artists whose work relates to textile media each year. NTK’s board will select participants based on the submitted material.

The application form for artist residency in 2023 is available here.

The deadline for application is November 13th 2023


All professional artists who work with textile media, Fiber art, or who have a project relating to textiles. Artists can apply individually, or as groups. The residency applies solely to the artists (it does not extend to family members, partners, etc.).

The residency is open to international artists.


Søndre Green Farm

Søndre Gren Farm is a farm located in Krødsherad municipality east of Oslo in the south of Norway. The owner is textile artist Kristin Lindberg. Søndre Green lies beautifully down towards the Krøderfjord at the foot of Norefjell in Krødsherad municipality. Two large farmhouses, storehouses, brew houses and barns surround a large square yard with a stone fireplace.

Norwegian Textile Artists (NTK) is a national organisation for artists working with textiles. NTK currently has about 260 members and is one of 20 organisations under the umbrella of the Association of Norwegian Visual Artists. Since its establishment in 1977, NTK has worked on the political stage, promoting the rights of textile artists, improving their working conditions, and earning for them greater recognition in the Norwegian and international contemporary art scene

Norwegian Textile Artist runs AiR Green I collaboration with Søndre Gren Farm and  the owner Kristin Lindberg,  AiR Green started in 2016 and are supported by Buskerud/ Viken county, Krødsherad Municipality and Norwegian Art Council. 

NTK has the administrative responsibility and the board of NTK is the jury who decides who is granted residency.

Rachel Johnston. 
Our collaboration partners

Norwegian Craft

Norwegian Craft is involved in AiR Green as a member of AiR Green Advisory Board. Norwegian Crafts' principal aim is to strengthen the position of contemporary crafts from Norway internationally.

Norefjell Husflidslag

Norefjell husflidslag is a member of AiR Green Advisory Board. The husflidslag is an organization of local crafts interested people. 

Buskerud Kunstsenter

Buskerud Kunstsenter is the center of contemporary Art in Buskerud County.


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