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Margit Seland

Resident AiR Green Spring 2024

Margit Seland works with textile and ceramic materials, having received her art education from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands. Since 2000, she has been living and working with her own studio in Amsterdam. In 2021, she moved back to Norway and established herself in Trondheim. Her exhibition activity and commissioned sales mainly focus on the Norwegian art market, but she also participates in exhibitions elsewhere in Europe and the USA. Her work has been publicly acquired by the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art in the USA, the Dutch Embassy, NKIM, and the National Museum.

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Plans for the stay:

"For my solo exhibition KAPSEL 2023, I worked with old sails to create sculptural volumes for wall and floor. During my time at Søndre Green, I will continue to work on this theme. Now, I want to further explore using cotton, linen, preferably from recycled textiles. I will also incorporate hand sewing and embroidery.
I am in contact with Agnete Sivertsen at the Hardanger Museum, who is one of the few carriers of knowledge about the folding technique and stiffening used in the headgear of the Hardanger bunad. Like many craft techniques, this knowledge is in danger of being lost. I will adapt this technique in my sculptural works."
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