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Amalie Risom Nyrup

Resident AiR Green Spring 2024

Amalie Risom Nyrup (b. 1994) is a Danish artist based in Oslo. Her interdisciplinary practice unfolds conceptual investigations through existential weavings of regenerative environments and care aesthetics. She is driven by the contemporary view of nature and a hope of contributing to movements towards an ecocentric future.

Recently her works has been shown at Bergen ArtBook Fair, Museum Kurhaus Kleve and Oslo Natural History Museum & Botanical Garden.

Alongside her individual practice she is part of the artistic research duo Risom.Sekles.

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Plans for the stay:

"My practice is focused around a conceptual work of ‘writing and weaving’. The methodology of weaving functions both as a facilitator and as visual expressions when I holistic braids together fieldwork, writing and crafts. I am deeply looking forward to immersing myself with my loom in the vegetation of Søndre Green’s landscape.”
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