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Studio AiR Green 2024

Spring residency 25.04. 2024 - 01.06. 2024

Studio AiR Green is our 8 week residency for one artist

Deborah Jeromin

   Deborah Jeromin was born 1987 in Flensburg (Germany), lives and works between Leipzig (Germany) and Crete (Greece). She develops a research on mainly historical topics and makes them accessible through different media. She focuses on textile handcraft processes and memories, feminist history and sites of National Socialism. Her documentary “Riven Threads“ was shown on DOK Leipzig (2020) an Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen (2021). 

2020 she published the book „parachutesilk.“  

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Portrait photo: Katharina Wittmann


"My research is about how textile handcraft processes are entangled with telling stories, with signs and patterns emerging, with memorizing times. Textiles processes become part of a life story and an invitation for counter narratives. Textiles are carrier bags in a wider sense, a story of a creative process, of care, of a wisdom that lies in the whole process of something that takes so much work and is soaked with the thoughts of the people who made it. In many languages the word spinning is connected to communication, and I would like to learn how the two are genuinely connected. In my time at Søndre Green I would like to make a circular cloak and tell a circular story/memory with it. In order to practice the care of a beholder. 

I'm really proud to have been chosen for a residency at Søndre Green and I'm looking so much forward to a quiet and focused working period in this beautiful surrounding. In a time where for me personally memory also reveals its soothing aspects, I'm more than happy have the chance to research with my hands and collect the content of the beholder."


Deborah Jeromin April 2024


Still from "like blossoms shaken from a tree...", Video-installation about sericulture for military parachutes.

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