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English AiR Green MINIfestival 2023

Oppdatert: 30. aug. 2023

9. september - 10. september

For the second time this year, Søndre Green opens its doors to the public and offers a unique opportunity to experience how textile artists work and live on the farm Søndre Green in Krødsherad..


9. september kl. 12 -17

This autumn's participants for the one month's stay are:

  • Johanna Rogalla (Germany)

  • Miriam del Seppia (Italy/ Netherlands)

  • Sandra Blichert (Denmark/Norway)

  • Veslemøy Lilleengen (Norway)

Two month stay at Studio AiR Green

  • Ron Te Kawa (New Zealand)

Program Saturday 9 September


Welcome by Kristin Lindberg


Musical feature with the children's and youth choir "Raindrops"

conductor Tatjana Sjo Gustad


The mayor of Krødsherad Knut Martin Glesne welcomes the village and opens the festival exhibition "Sjoddi - Sjoddi" in Høylåven with the textile artist Anne Karin Jortveit


Anne Karin Jortveit shows us the exhibition and tells us about her sjodi project


  • Meet the artists in the studios

  • Drop-in demonstrations: spinning and carding Midtfylke Spinnering. Quilting with Ron Te Kawa textile artist and Maori from New Zealand


Ukrainian song by Anna Trofymenko


Presentation of this autumn's artists at AiR Green in conversation with Kristin Lindberg

Sale of food and drink, home baked goods, coffee and tea during the festival.

Program Sunday 10. September

12:00 – 17:00

Make the Sunday trip to Søndre Green, see the exhibition "Gamle tekstiler - ny sjoddi" by Anne Karin Jortveit, experience the farm and its surroundings.

Meet and get to know artists who stay at the farm.

12:00 - 15:00

Workshop with textile arts and Maori from New Zealand Ron Te Kawa for adults. Registration, limited number of participants.

Limited participants at the workshop: Registration her.

Activities for children

  • Great opportunity for children to encounter art

  • Meet the animals on the farm

  • Nice walking opportunities, beach promenade,

  • Climbing wall in the barn,

  • Row trip to Greensholmen with the new cabin

  • Grilling on the campfire, bring barbecue food.

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