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Screening of Riven Threads

Riven Threads, 40 Min., German/Greek with English subtitles, 2020, DE

You are all welcome to a screening of the film Riven Threads by Deborah Jeromin

Friday 24th of May

kl. 17

Rådhusgata 20 in Oslo.

SOFT galleri (Screening at Fotografiens Hus meeting room. )

Summary about the film:

The artistic documentary 'riven threads' follows the way of parachute silk - from the nationalsocialist silk production as a propaganda program to the Battle of Crete in 1941, where parachutes were later reused by handcrafting women for handkerchiefs.

Mulberry hedges can still be found in a garden allotment in Leipzig (DE) today. They were planted for the silk production for parachutes of the Nazis in the late 1930ies. An educational film about silk culture was also produced in Leipzig at the same time. The film 'riven threads' follows the traces from the garden allotment and the determination of the silkworms to the touristic island Crete (GR). Where rarely planes were flying, 10.000 german paratroopers jumped in only one week onto the barren Island in May 1941 and occupied it. Cretan women, who survived the German occupation, recall their memories of the Battle of Crete and the terror of the German 'Wehrmacht'. They cut the silken parachutes and recycled them as handkerchiefs and dresses. The handcraft processes are time units that are inscribed into their bodies and that have structured the memory.

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