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Ron Te Kawa at NITJA

On 21 September, a talk will be held at the NITJA center for contemporary art about Ron Te Kawa and his exhibition there.

The conversation is about art, culture and myths

How are the symbols of different cultures expressed in ornamentation and the use of materials, and how have myths and stories been conveyed through art, handicrafts and the oral tradition? These are some of the themes we delve into, when in tonight's edition of Nitja conversations we look more closely at art and handicrafts as carriers of history and narrators, and visual representations of different cultures' mythologies.

The conversation starts with Ron Te Kawa's exhibition currently on display in Nitja, where exploration of Maori knowledge, the artist's own family tree and ancestors, and female deities in Maori belief are the starting point for his textile works.

The evening's panel consists of:

Georgiana Keable Jerstad is a narrator and founder of Fortellerhuset in Oslo, where she focuses on communicating stories across cultures and languages.

Ragnhild M. Bø is senior lecturer in art history at the University of Oslo. In his work, Bø focuses on the use of images in the Middle Ages, especially materiality and ornamentation in a Christian context.

Jens Erland Braarvig is professor emeritus in the history of religion and one of the main editors for the book series The World's Holy Scriptures from The Norwegian Book Club. Braarvig is the moderator of the conversation.

The event is open to all interested parties, and participation is included in the entrance ticket (NOK 40/20), Nitja year card or Nitja friend card.

Nitja conversations are based on the exhibition programme, where relevant topics are brought up to date through conversation and debate. The conversation series is supported by Fritt Ord

Love, colour, and joy comes together in Ron Te Kawa’s vibrant exhibition Te Whare Pora currently on view at Nitja! In a filmed interview recently published at Objectspace, Ron Te Kawa shares his thoughts on his new works, his relationship to his whakapapa (ancestors), the goddess Hinateiwaiwa, and lots more.

Make sure to check it out – watch the full video on Objectspace’s website journal!

Photo/video: Seb Charles / Season Aotearoa

From Facebook post at NITJA.

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