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Whakapapa quilting workshop with Ron Te Kawa.

Sunday 15. October kl. 12 - 17, Søndre Green gård

We repeat the success from September and arrange another quilting workshop at AiR Green, Søndre Green farm.

  • Lunch included NOK 400.

  • Bring a sewing machine and some materials

  • Just 1.5 hours by car from Oslo

You sign up by sending an email to

Ron Te Kawa is staying at AIr Green Studio until 19 October.

Maungarongo (Ron) Te Kawa (Ngāti Porou) has been working prolifically in fashion, art, community and education in Aotearoa New Zealand for the past three decades. Ron is well-known for create large-scale quilts illustrating Māori world views, his family history and Māori cultural knowledge. Alongside being an artist he is also a Māori educator, working for his iwi (tribal group), Ngāti Porou and other communities across Aotearoa. Using sewing as a conduit to connect with people, he expertly guides workshop participants to confidently create with fabric and express their genealogy through sewing.

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