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Sandra Blichert 

Resident AiR Green fall 2023

Sandra Blichert (1984, DK) lives and works in Risør, Norway. She holds a bfa from the fine arts department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, (2013) a master of fine arts from the art academy in Bergen, Norway (2019) in between she went on exchange to the printmaking department at the Finnish Academy of fine arts in Helsinki (2011).

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jeg liker å tro jeg er lengre enn armene mine_edited.jpg

It’s in the domestic intimate sphere that materials and points of interests arise and appear. That being something (over)heard, a sentence, an atmosphere or a physical material thrown by others, that I pick up and incorporate. Often it happens to be something completely banal and insignificant that people rarely even notice. I walk around with a sensitive eye to the world around me and find my ‘crime scenes’ in the nearby environment. With an eye towards being, noticing, wondering and seeing translating that into tangible materials to work with that most likely result in printmaking, sculptural installations or textiles depending on a given project and its context.

Blichert works project-based in a broad field of media most likely in series, often using simple materials that can be found in any household like old fabrics, yarn and cardboard.

She is interested in the resolution and development of what once was, whether it is ideas, materials or processors. A slow continuous movement, which unites body and process in an ecosystem where everything can be processed again and again, for her it is never finished processing. Blichert allows various forms, materials and projects to harden, congeal and ferment, before they are ripe to be retrieved again; revisiting and recycling old works is part of her work process.


She has recently exhibited at Norske Grafikere, Oslo, Kunstlåven i Seljord, Tekstilindustrimuseet i Salhus and Sørlandsutstillingen.

Sandras plan for AiR Green:


This time I will try for once not to come with a settled plan nor even a loose idea but just let the days pass with a crocheting needle and a bunch of yarn in my hand. I’m very curious to see what discourse and detours it will take - both at this very moment and far out in the future. Nothing ever goes the way you plan but I know for sure it will be beyond what I would ever imagine beforehand. So I’m very excited!

I'm really looking forward to having plenty of time to focus and work at the farm. Meeting and being with fellow colleagues learning, sharing and caring together, will naturally expand thoughts, processes and plant seeds that eventually will extend fields of knowledge, new directions and unexpected ideas that will happen along the way but also far out ahead.

AiR Green 14.08 - 11.09. 2023

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