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Johanna Rogalla

Resident AiR Green fall 2023

Johanna Stella Rogalla oscillates between interwoven subjects that often find expression in intricate, multi-layered fabrics. In her practice, she aims to combine artistic and craft perspectives to stimulate discourses on interdisciplinary thinking to overcome hierarchical structures between these disciplines and transcultural issues.


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Thematically, her subtle works are informed by observation and reflect a critical engagement with various aspects within the medium of textiles. For example, she is interested in the contradictory relationship between economic interests and the important sense of identity and culture that textiles carry. 

Plans for AiR Green:

During the Air Green Residency, Johanna aims to explore the traces of trades and follow the paths of textiles, focusing on the in-between spaces through the creation of multi-layered weaves.

14.08 - 11.09.2023
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