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Veslemøy Lilleengen

Resident AiR Green fall 2023

Veslemøy Lilleengen is a Norwegian artist who lives and works in Trondheim. She holds a MA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (2018).

In her work she mainly focus on textiles, text, and installation.

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Lilleengens artistic practice is impacted by growing up on her family’s farm Vestråt in Ørlandet, but also 20 years of living in the urban ecology experimental district Svartlamoen in Trondheim.


Both environments have a do-it-yourself culture where sustainability, collaboration, knowledge transfer and activism are central.

Her projects are built on a collection of stories and experiences and developed with the help of many.

One important part of her process is to discuss ideas at an early stage. 

Plans for the stay:

She is currently experimenting with the technique of “filering” and wants to test the limits of the method during the stay at AiR Green. “Filering” is known as one of the oldest needlework techniques. A net is tied by hand using the same method as fishing nets and then filled with thread. “Filering” is related to both weaving and embroidery.


Norway's House Crafts Association ( Norges Husflidslag ) has “Filering” on the list of needlework that is in danger of being forgotten.

AiR Green 14.08 - 11.09. 2023

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