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Miriam Del Seppia

Resident AiR Green fall 2023

I am an artist currently living between Rotterdam, The Netherlands, where I just graduated at the Piet Zwart Institute and Tuscany, Italy, where I also grew up. My process-driven and material-based practice focuses on plants and fibers as a way of exploring how I am embedded in my environment. Through long processes of self-teaching, learning from intimacy, affection and from other-than-humans, I circle around matters of inhabiting, living, caring and loving.

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Portrait Miriam Del Seppia. Photo by Anna Kieblesz.jpeg
Processes of unstable chemistry (detail) (photo by Michaela Lakova) 2023, Miriam Del Seppi

I look for meaning in processes without knowing the end result and for significance embedded within the materials that I work with. My practice expands to botanical dyeing, different techniques of fabric making, painting, drawing, ceramics. My installations are sorts of ecosystems where natural materials, processes and objects come together at different stages of interventions: roots, organic matter, unspun yarn, paintings, woven pieces, ceramics, and raw, dyed or felted wool.


Over the past year, I have researched local sources for wool, using waste from farmers and learning how to wash, card, spin and felt. This is a way of connecting to soil and staying in a circle with materials and landscape. What changes if I spin my own thread? What stories will these threads tell about landscapes, humans and other-than-humans, and their knowledge? 


I see the making of colours as a relational medium that carries histories and narratives. Foraging, gardening and dyeing processes mean loving and bonding, they are a way of “making home”, relating again and again to a place and its multiple beings throughout time. Being aware that colourfast botanical pigments are only a few and well known, I am interested in working with different kinds of landscapes.

Plan for AiR Green:

During the residency, I would like to learn from the endemic plants that grow in the territory around the farm, acknowledging their presence and life. I wish to work with the forest: what links are made when I dye a particular colour? How am I entangled with the soil? What histories about relationships between humans and others-than-humans, do the colors I am handling carry with them? How do they speak about their environment, how do they speak about care and damage, love, loss and making home?

AiR Green 14.08 - 11.09. 2023

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